MYOB in Vietnam

How to use MYOB in Vietnam                               

Many businesses in Vietnam have trusted MYOB to manage their accounting because it is user friendly in data entry, effective in management and compliant with Vietnamese accounting standards. Although the software is developed in Australia, its accounting rules are the same as Vietnamese accounting rules.

In addition, to handle differences between Vietnamese reports and the original MYOB reports and forms, HD Expertise provides an add-on software named Vietnamese Tax Report to assist enterprises using MYOB correctly in Vietnam. The Vietnamese Tax Reports following Vietnamese Accounting Standards and Tax Law consists of:

  • Balance sheet
  • Profit & lost
  • Receipt form
  • Payment form
  • General Ledger
  • Purchases and sales importing to HTTK
  • Inventory summary report
  • Customised red invoice
  • Customised Purchase order, delivery order
  • Trial balance
  • Stock Receipt note
  • Delivery Note
Supported by Vietnamese Team

HD Expertise has Vietnamese team with accounting profession who are willing to answer all questions regarding MYOB system.

We provide following support services
  • MYOB Tranning
  • MYOB Datafile Setup
  • MYOB Annual Support
  • MYOB Add-on Development


Frequently asked questions about MYOB in Vietnam


1. Is MYOB software written in Vietnamese or English, or is it in dual-language format?

MYOB only provides an English language version. There is no local version for Vietnam. However, we have developed a customised add-on program for MYOB to solve Vietnamese issues such as tax, and entering Vietnamese text.


2. Is MYOB based on the Vietnamese accounting standard, or the international accounting standard?

MYOB is based on the Australian accounting standard, but it is possible to use it in Vietnam. The user can translate the Australian accounts to Vietnamese accounts by using Vietnamese Tax Reports.


3. What industries have used MYOB in Vietnam?

We have many customers in different industries: trading, retail shops, manufacture, services and non government.


4. How do I produce and customise reports in MYOB?

There are many reports that can help you monitor your business. If the default set of reports do not meet your needs, we can develop customised reports. We own MYOB Certified Developer licence which allows us to develop add-on software and reports talking with MYOB database.


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